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Outer Banks Web Development and Marketing Firm

 Umbrella Consultants is your local Outer Banks Web Development and Marketing Specialists

Umbrella Consultants is a web development & marketing firm that prides itself on knowing that we can provide top notch in-house developers and marketing services to our clients.  This enables our clients' to have a seamless and cost-effective process to developing and marketing your business, all with one service provider.

What is your marketing philosophy at Umbrella Consultants?

Umbrella Consultants’ core local marketing philosophy revolves around a business’s web presence being more than just a website. We believe social is engaging with your customers across all online channels where engagement is necessary.

It is also imperative that a business has a strong local marketing strategy in place, especially with the explosion of mobile usage by people today.

What kind of marketing services do you provide?

We can work alongside or for our clients to execute lead generation strategies. Our technology-enabled services include developing a comprehensive web presence with user and conversion friendly websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Advertising, Content Marketing and Local Listings.

We also provide Pay Per Click (PPC)/ Google Adwords, Reviews Monitoring and Reputation Management services.

What is all the buzz... about Local Listings?

Local Listing Management has become such an integral part of the web ecosystem that accurate business information is a critical component in ensuring searching customers can find your business.

Local business visibility today depends on implementing a coordinated campaign across many channels and platforms within channels (website, mobile, social, local directories, reputation, SEM). We help SMBs when it appears that the process is overwhelming and frustrating to assimilate all the changing platforms, integrate them and implement a coordinated cross platform campaign.

Local Listing Management has to be taken very serious as a business owner or marketing professional.

Do you only work with SMB's (small to medium-sized businesses)?

No, we also work with brands of large franchises, dealers, or contractor networks as they have the more complex problem of coordinating national to local campaigning.

Is Umbrella Consultants just a marketing company?

No! We are a software development firm as well. We were actually a software development company first!

Our clients kept expressing their pains in bringing their products and services to market, and as we discussed solutions for helping bring those products and services to market, we found a real need for an Online Marketing Software to solve their problems.

We are currently finishing our second round of closed beta of Umbrella Consultants’, proprietary Online Marketing Software, which is now branded RevSocial. RevSocial gives users access to their online data with real-time analytics, online publishing & engagement tools all the while having the ability to manage marketing campaigns from one centralized dashboard.

Has Umbrella Consultants developed other online software platforms?

Yes we have!

  • We have developed a custom CMS (content management system) platform called Umbrella CMS. Umbrella CMS gives our clients the power to manage and make changes to their business’ websites. Umbrella CMS has some very powerful extensions that allows you to run your own ecommerce store, a custom blog system and a very powerful catering and event management extension, just to name a few.

  • We have also developed Umbrella Local which allows users an easy way to build, manage and update their businesses’ local listings to over 100 top local directory sites across the internet. We are constantly adding more aggregate and local directory sites.

All of our platforms are seamlessly integrated into one another. These integrations allow us to offer our customers an easy way to manage and make changes to their business websites, get their business listed across important local directory sites while at the same time engaging with their online communities from one centralized dashboard.

Why would you want services that do not speak and work together, especially in today’s busy world?

This all sounds good, but how much does your service cost?

Packages are customized for businesses of all sizes, local marketing consultants, and agencies that can leverage our technical and marketing platforms to grow their business.

We can also support many large brands with custom solutions for their Enterprise: National-to-Local Marketing.


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