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How Local Listings Can Help You Convert Leads to Sales

Local listings can do a lot for your business.

Essentially, they make it easier for Google to determine that your business is real and legitimate. In turn, Google then gives you a better ranking in search results, and your potential customers can find your site more easily.

For local listings to really help you convert leads to sales, though, you need to know how to effectively post your information.


Local Listings Drive More Traffic to Your Site

If your information is accurate and posted effectively, your site will appear higher in SERP (search engine results page) rankings. If you’ve written effective, SEO-friendly content and meta content, then users will be even more likely to click on your site than other results.

Then, if you’ve implemented a good online marketing strategy, you should have the content, images, and media on your site to draw your leads in and convert them to customers.


Post Accurate Information

For this to happen, though, you need to ensure that the information you post is accurate. It’s easy to get sloppy and make typos when you’re entering your information into multiple sites. It’s repetitive work, and it can be difficult to catch every small mistake if you’re doing it all by hand.

If you go the manual route, be sure to stay on top of proofreading every entry you make. Believe it or not, you can actually confuse Google by entering different info in different listings.

The search engine may read this as multiple companies instead of multiple listings for the same company, which can result in your SERP rank taking a big hit.


Avoid Duplicate Listings

Duplicate listings provide another obstacle when driving traffic to your site and converting leads to sales. If you need to update your contact information on a listing (in the event that you move, change phone numbers, etc.), you may have some issues with your local listings.

Some sites make it easier than others to edit and update your information, while others make it a little bit too easy to accidentally duplicate your listing.

If your business ends up listed twice with conflicting information, it can confuse both search engines and potential customers. Likewise, listings with old information won’t help your search results and can actually hurt your rankings, as well.

If you make sure that your listings are always up to date, accurate, and that there are no duplications, then you’ll be able to get the most benefit from your local listings.


Make It Easy for Yourself with Local Listing Management

If all of that sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is. Fortunately, though, you don’t have to manually enter your data into all of your local listing sites. Just list and manage your company info with Outer Banks Concierge, and you can have it automatically pushed to all of the biggest listing sites and data aggregators online.

And, if you need to make updates, just let Umbrella Consultants know, and those will be taken care of for you, too. You don’t have to spend hours and hours dealing with local listings to convert more leads to sales – just choose the right listing management service, and everything will be done for you.

Try Outer Banks Concierge's listing management service today and see how quickly you can get better results for your business.