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Ping-O-Matic Ping Service

New Feature: Ping-O-Matic and other top ping services

What is Ping-O-Matic

Ping-O-Matic is a service that updates different search engines that your blog has updated.

Why is this integration helpful to Umbrella CMS’ Blog?

As many of you know creating quality content is an essential step in growing your business in today’s web driven world. However, if search engines do not know that you are creating your quality content and you are continuing to create quality content then how are your potential customers supposed to know.

At Umbrella CMS, we understood that search engines choose when they are going to visit your website and whether or not to index it or even rank your articles or not. We knew that the quicker we were able to let the search engines know that you have updated your content, the quicker you content would be indexed and your articles ranked faster.

How do I make sure that my blog has this feature?

  1. In your Blog Module... Click on "Settings"

    Blog Module Settings

  2. You will then scroll down to the section "Posts" and you will click "Pingbacks/Trackbacks enabled" Don't forget to hit the "Save" button.

  3. Once "Pingbacks/Trackbacks are enabled what now?
    Write your cornerstone content and hit the "Publish" button.  

    You will receive a notification on the website that your blog has notified Ping-O-Matic and the other ping services that we have integrated with to push your content!!! Now all you need to do is enjoy your new found traffic without all of the SPAM!!!


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