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New Feature: RevSocial's Social Media Posting Integration

RevSocial Social Media Posting Tool / Blog Extension

Umbrella CMS integrates RevSocial Social Media Posting tool into our Blog extension...

If you did not hear last week we released our Ping-O-Matic integration and have been getting some good feedback from our clients. 

This week we are happy to update that we have released another sharing tool to Umbrella CMS extension features list.

What is RevSocial?

RevSocial is an online marketing platform that enables you to attract customers utilizing their automated cross-platform engagement tools, while gathering insight from your social, website and email communities.  They give you the information to convert your business' visitors into paying customers.  

Why is this integration helpful to Umbrella CMS blog extension?

As many business owners and marketers know that writing a blog is half the battle.  

Sharing your blog and letting the public know that you have new content to read is just as important.  

If you did not see our blog post about sharing content check it out >> 3 Tips to Share Your Cornerstone Content to the World

FYI... The Title of your blog, the featured image, Meta title and the Meta Description is what is shared on your Facebook Timeline

RevSocial Integration with Umbrella CMS Facebook Post example

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