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Why Your Website Absolutely Must Be Mobile Responsive

Responsive Web Design

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive

Restaurant customers today, like customers in every other sector, make purchasing decisions using their smartphones. That means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on a huge segment of the population and you’re losing business.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you have to take action.

You might have a perfectly lovely website, and it might work very well for desktop users, but think of it this way. You want to buy toys and food for your pet dog. You go to the pet store, and find out that all they have is toys and food for dinosaurs.

Get the idea?

No one wants to scroll, pan, and re-size your website so that it will work on their mobile device. Hardly anyone uses desktop computers any more – it’s all tablets and smartphones. And even worse, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google will penalize you for being non-responsive – you won’t have a prayer of ranking even on page three of the search results, and everyone knows that no one goes past page two.

Simply stated, if your website isn’t navigable on a smartphone, customers looking for a place to dine are going to quickly exit your site and find one that is more user-friendly.

Some issues with not having a Mobile Responsive Website

Some of the problems that can occur when people are trying to navigate a desktop-friendly site on a smartphone include:

  • The text is too small
  • They can’t see all the elements on the screen
  • They can’t click on your phone number to call you.

Even one of these problems can send potential customers giving up in frustration and hitting the “back” button.

Responsive Web Design is the Age of Instant Gratification

We’re in the age of instant gratification. In other words, customers want to “click and call” – they don’t want to have to dial. They want to swipe their finger, not zoom in, zoom out and scroll all over the place.

Recent studies indicate that more than 60% of mobile users will contact a business that has a mobile-friendly site over any other. So, if you’re not meeting their needs, think about the business you’re going to lose.

Don't Forget Online Ordering is easier with a Mobile Responsive Web Design

Now that you understand the importance of a mobile-friendly website, don’t forget about online ordering. As of the time of this writing, only about one restaurant in four actually offers online ordering. Do we have to tell you about the “back” button again?

If you do nothing else with our website in order to make it mobile-friendly, at least make sure that your customers can order online.

Mobile is the way of the future...

So make sure that your website is mobile responsive, and you’ll not only gain new customers, you’ll keep the ones you already have.

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