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How to Continue Creating Fresh Content for Your Site

If you want to have a successful website, it cannot stagnate. The days of having a single static page that you hang out as your “storefront” are long gone. You need to have a site and blog that continually offers fresh content for your visitors. Not only will this help to keep your visitors coming back to your site time and again, but it will also help with your SEO purposes. Google and other search engines like to have fresh content, and if your site doesn’t update very often, it will affect your ranking negatively.

Why Do You Need Fresh Content?

The more often you post, the more often the search engines will visit your site. With enough quality content, it can cause the algorithms to see your site as being valuable for the keywords and phrases that you are using. The same is true when you have more quality external links to your site, but it will be hard to get those links if you do not have fresh content. Over time, when you keep adding great content, it has the potential to help improve your ranking.

When you have more content up, it also means that you are going to be using more keywords for your site. With articles and blogs posted to the site, it will quickly start to increase the keywords on your site. These additional posts are adding to the keywords, and they are also increasing the chance of people stumbling across your site who might become frequent visitors.

Just make sure that you are not creating content merely to stuff keywords into it. The content still needs to be focused on the elements that your readers want and need. Add the keywords naturally. In fact, Google will actually penalize sites that stuff keywords by reducing their search engine ranks.

When you have quality content, it can increase your authority in the eyes of the search engines. Good, valuable content in your field helps to boost your authority from not only the search engines, but from people who find your site. In addition, your readers are expecting new and interesting content, so give it to them. This can ultimately help your brand.

Running Out of Ideas

When people start up their site and blog, they might have some great ideas for their immediate posts. They might have enough post ideas ready to go for two solid weeks. Then, they run out of steam and they have no idea what they should be writing about next. With many, this type of writer’s block can paralyze their creativity, and they only post occasionally.

Fortunately, you need have to run out of ideas. There is always something that you can write about no matter what your niche might be. You just need to take the time to think about how to approach subjects in a different way. Think outside of the box. One of the other nice things about coming up with different types of blog posts is that your readers are never going to get bored. Here are some ideas that you can try if you have been struggling to come up with new ideas. Just find ways that you could apply these to your field and niche.

First, consider the news in your field. This is one of the areas that tends to keep on giving. Look for anything newsworthy, press releases, studies, and the like that might apply to your niche and that the readers might like.

You can also do how-to articles and tutorials. You can write these out, or you could even do a video if you would like. People love how-to information, and you should be able to find at least a few good tutorial options for your niche. It might be something simple, such as how to use a certain piece of software that you utilize in your field, for example.

Another great option for blog posts that are fun to read and relatively easy to write would be lists. People love to read lists, and they often like to talk about the information in those lists in the comments. This can be a great way to try to engage more with your readers.

Reviews can be a nice option, too. You could review products or services that are related to your niche and provide your readers with an unbiased look at an item that they might have been considering. People like reviews, they are helpful, and again, these types of posts can help to get people talking.

You might want to do an interview with someone who is in your field, or even allow someone else to write a guest post. This can help to bring in more readers to your site. You can do infographics, videos, podcasts, and more. There is no reason to run out of content to write about.

Where Do You Find the Time to Add Content?

Of course, when you have all of these ideas to write about, finding the time to write them all can feel overwhelming. It is generally a good idea to work ahead, at least by a few days so you have posts “in the can” and ready to go. You can schedule the posts to go up at a certain time. Ideally, you will be writing a couple of posts as the same time so you are always getting further ahead.

Still, this can be difficult, and you might find that you need to have some help. Consider hiring someone else to take care of some or all of the blog writing and posting duties. This can relieve you of some of the pressure. Just make sure that you read the posts before they go up to make sure they are in line with your brand.

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