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How to Use Videos to Improve Your Content Marketing

Marketing with Videos is Growing in Popularity

People today tend to have shorter attention spans than they did in the past, and part of that is because everything – from food to information – is easier than ever to obtain. Because of this, it means you need to create content for your website that is catchy and that will retain the attention of visitors for as long as possible. Visual content, such as videos, is the ideal way to do this.

In fact, estimates are that by the end of 2017, about 74% of Internet traffic will be from videos.

Is Videos Worth the Challenge?

Videos work very well to capture and hold the attention of your audience. In addition, those who watch videos tend to retain the information better than if they had read the content instead. This does not mean that you should stop writing blog posts – you still need to do that so you can increase your SEO, and there are still people who will read your content.

However, it does mean that you should start seriously looking at ways that you can add videos to your content.

Of course, it is far easier to write a blog post than it is to record a quality video. This is one of the reasons that many still have trepidations when it comes to working with video. They will take time, effort, and money. Still, it might be worth pursuing so you can see just what type of return it is ultimately capable of offering.

Keep in mind that some of the expenses for making videos are one-time purchases. This includes the camera and microphones.

What Types of Videos Can You Make?

One of the worries that some have when they first approach the idea of making videos is that they will not have ideas to create enough content. However, this is far from reality. With the tips here, and some outside of the box thinking, it should be easy to have plenty of great ideas for videos now and well into the future.

Let’s look at some of the types of videos you can create for your content, and how you can utilize them.

First, you can create videos that are focused on the basics of your niche, whatever it might be. Give people the basic information they need so they can understand what it is you do and what you can offer. In addition, educational videos are always helpful and appreciated. Enlighten people who are unfamiliar with your specialties, whatever they might be.

You can also create video ads, which you can put on your site and YouTube. It is far easier and more affordable to create a nice ad video for the Internet than it is to buy time on television, or radio for that matter. In addition, it has a better chance of reaching a wider audience of the right types of viewers.

Take new information regarding your niche and put your own spin on it for your audience. You could always do some behind the scenes video for your business, whatever it might be. If you have a number of employees, consider doing employee profiles if they are agreeable. You might want to do some reviews, as well as create lists for videos.

Many have also started to utilize videos in their email marketing, and they have had success with increased click through rates, so that may be something you want to try, as well.

There are boundless topics and types of videos that you can make. Look what others in your niche are doing, but think outside of the box to create something unique and that will draw visitors.

What Video Equipment Do You Need?

If you want to have quality videos, you need to have quality equipment. While the camera on your phone might be powerful, and it might take great video, you may still want to consider getting a DSLR that shoots video, or even a high-quality camcorder that can take great video.

In addition, you will need to have quality microphones that will pick up audio properly. If the video looks great, but the audio is still muddled, people are not going to stick around to watch the entire video.

You will also need to have editing software, and you or someone working for you needs to know how to use that software properly.  A well-edited video that looks and sounds great will already be head and shoulders above many of the other videos out there.

In Addition to Making Your Own Videos…

If you are unable to make your own videos all the time, it is understandable.

However, you can still have videos on your site that can help to get people to your website and keep them there. You can embed a YouTube video, or add a player depending on how your website operates. You can find videos that align with your niche, which your viewers will see when they come to your site.

Those creators are still getting views and earning through YouTube, if the videos are monetized, but you are getting an increase in traffic.

How Much Time Does It Really Take to Create a Video?

If you want to craft quality videos for your content marketing, it can take time, and it certainly takes effort. The more videos you make the easier it will become, and you will develop certain shortcuts that help to make things faster.

However, you still have to commit to this type of content marketing and be willing to put in the work, or hire people to do it if you hope to have success.

Many have found that it is well worth the time and expenditure.

You can make your site the best it can possibly be, and you want to have great content and strong SEO to match. When you work with Umbrella’s CMS blog extension and WebTextTool.com, it is easier than ever to market your business right.

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