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Outer Banks Web Development, Design and Marketing Workflow

Umbrella Consultants is a team of professional web designers, web developers and marketers with offices located in San Diego, CA and Kitty Hawk, NC. Our consultants have a combined history of over 30 years in the web design industry and Yes!, the technology within our field is constantly improving!!.

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is staying on top of all the latest trends and capabilities available to ensure our customers can always meet their unique website goals and business objectives.

From the beginning, we have never been married to a specific tool, service or methodology. For us always recommending the right tool for the job requires careful consideration of many factors, tools, languages, and methodologies.

We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box to come up with the best fit solution for our clients’ needs.

Learn More about our Web Design, Development and Marketing Workflow…

  1. Establish Goals

    During the initial collaboration phase, we want and need to learn about your unique website goals in order to optimize your online business for functionality and features. We research your competition and get to know your target audience in order to prioritize your website’s user experience.

    In this step, we seek to capture your company’s identity through a beautiful, clean and purposeful design strategy.

  2. Develop Your Project Scope

    Now that we have an understanding of your business objectives and website goals, it’s time to create a custom and detailed blueprint for your project. We spend time with each client to walk them through the organization of their website, outlining requirements such as content architecture, functions, and the user experience.

    We keep you informed of all decisions along the way through an organized approval process.

  3. Design & Program

    Now that your site looks great, we want to make it work even more efficiently. To stay ahead of the competition, we build your custom site on the web’s most flexible and up-to-date platforms available.

    We are constantly exploring innovative technology to ensure your new site keeps your customers coming back for more

  4. Implementation

    Before your site is ready to go live, we complete extensive quality testing on multiple browsers and devices. But we don’t stop there. Even after you’ve successfully launched, we provide ongoing support and walk you down the path of key features including search engine optimization, social media and more.

    We want your site to stay as agile and fast as the web itself, meaning we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve your site’s speed, feature enhancements and updates to content management systems.


Umbrella Consultants is a web development firm with two offices in San Diego, CA and Kitty Hawk, NC.  Would you like a Free Demo of Umbrella CMS?  Contact us or give us a call 252-573-8027.