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11 Tips on Utilizing Pinterest for Local SEO

11 Tips on utilizing Pinterest for Local SEO 

Pinterest and Your Business' Local SEO

If you are looking for a new way to lift your local search rankings, Pinterest may be a good option for your business. This social media platform is fairly well entrenched at this point. It also offers something a little different from the big boys, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Pinterest has stayed relatively popular over time and has many avid users who visit the platform on a daily basis. This is partially because of the innovative social media features, but also because of the attractive and simple to use interface.

Then there’s the fact that the constant sharing to and from the site can help with search rankings.

But, you may wonder how you can utilize Pinterest to help with your local marketing. We have a number of tips that can help you take Pinterest and use it for the benefit of your brand.

So, check those out and consider whether Pinterest is another platform you should add to your marketing arsenal.

Setting Up Your Profile

When you make your profile on Pinterest, you will have the option to hide it from search engines, which you will clearly not want to take advantage of. When it comes to the ‘About’ section of your profile, use your main keywords to describe your business. You will also want to set your location to wherever your business is located.

You can also add the URL to your website and connect to your business Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Local Reviews

Another option, when it comes to the URL you post on Pinterest, is to link to one of your review pages that features many positive reviews. This is only something you should consider if you already have a reasonable local ranking for your main website.

However, this can get you some traffic toward the review page, which can help ranking for your business name.

Pinterest Boards

The biggest draw of Pinterest might be the boards, which are used to categorize the pins you post. To take advantage of boards from a marketing standpoint, you should consider having a board with your city name where you post pins about the area.

You should also have boards for your industry, products, and services.

Following on Pinterest

Following other Pinterest users in your area is a great idea, as it could lead to them following you and even visiting your website. You may also find that they have some excellent local pins for you to display on your own boards.

Following people and businesses in your industry is also a good step to filling out your followers with some great content.

Pinning Strategy

It’s important to only pin photos and infographics of a good quality, as Pinterest is a very visually oriented social media platform. In order to gain exposure and get users to follow you, you want to be sure your pins are of great quality items.

Of course, not every pin is going to be excellent quality but ensuring most of them are can go a long way toward helping your marketing on the site.

Keyword Text

When you post photos on your local board, take the time to describe it and use keywords to do so. This will give people more information about you and the pin, which is more likely to get people to click. Even though Pinterest is largely visual, you don’t want to forget your keywords.

Any time you can associate your brand with your industry or the local area, you should take advantage of it.

Think Local

While you will want to post many pins that relate to your business, don’t forget that other local pins can be helpful too. This shows that you care about the community as a whole. It can also bring exposure to people who might not otherwise find you.

Posting photos of landmarks and special events is a good way to utilize this aspect of marketing. Any local view can lead to business, whether from that specific user or someone connected to them.

Heart Photos

When you come across quality pins from other local users, you can click on the like (heart) button to show your appreciation. Even if the photo is not something you want to pin, you can still express care and respect by clicking this button and putting yourself out there.

However, don’t do this on every single pin you see. Save it for the truly special ones.

Create Content

Design an infographic related to your industry (or have one designed for you) and use Pinterest to gain exposure for it. Being a content creator can be a real perk on this platform and offering a few items that are specifically created by your business can provide you with more followers and clicks.

You can also use Pinterest to link to blog posts and things of that nature, just be sure there’s a high-quality image to go with it to draw people in.

Cross Promote

Facebook and Twitter are great places to cross promote your pins. This allows you to gain a larger audience. In addition, it can lead to those who follow you on one platform making the move to be a fan on another platform.

You always want more numbers, and this is just one option for getting there.

Run Contests

Pinterest can be an interesting platform for holding a contest. One option is to make the contest available to customers, asking them to post pictures of your products and place of business. In exchange for that, you can offer promos, coupons, or unique prizes that customers will be happy to compete for. Through this option, a user’s friends will gain access to your business and could end up on your profile or even website.

There are many ways to use Pinterest to bring in some local love, many of which we’ve mentioned above. You don’t have to use all of these tips, but by incorporating a few of them, you have a new place for marketing and a potential opening to a new audience who might make awesome fans.


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