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Content Marketing Ideas to Get More Attention for Your Business

You want your business to get more attention so you can get more customers. This helps you grow and become successful, and it is the goal of anyone who owns a business no matter how altruistic they might think they are. If you would like to increase your level of success, you need to market in ways that can get attention from people who have a high potential of becoming your customers. The following are some of the content marketing tips and ideas that you may want to try.

Remember Local Marketing

If you have a physical store location, you must make sure you use local marketing techniques in all the ideas that we talk about below. Local marketing is not complicated, and it is something you can add to your own marketing plan right now without too much work. At its core, it is about using the name of your city and/or neighborhood in the posts you write and all the other content you create. When the search engines see that content, and categorize it, they will utilize the location.

When someone then looks up your type of business, using keywords and the location, your site will show up much higher in the search engines. In addition to using this on your blog, you should also use localization techniques on social media with the posts that you write. You do not have to do this with all the posts that you put up on the web, but with every few posts – just like you do not want to be advertising with all your posts. Everything needs to seem natural.

Videos Are Helpful in Many Ways

Why would you want to take the time and put in the effort to put up videos? Depending on the type of business you own, they can be extremely useful, and you will find that they can translate quite well to local marketing. You can create many different types of videos for your business, and you can put them onto YouTube, where you can even monetize them to make some additional money. Once they are on YouTube, you can easily embed them into your own website, or put them onto your social media sites.

So, what types of videos could you make? Remember that all the videos are a method of content marketing. You are creating content with the idea of getting people to come to your store. You could do product demos, for example. You could also do reviews, or how to videos, or even behind the scenes videos. There are countless possibilities that might work well for your business. You know your ideal customer better than anyone else, so you will want to create content that he or she will want to consume, regardless of whether it is a blog post, a video, or something else entirely.

It is important to realize that you do not simply want to throw any poorly shot and unedited video up onto the Internet. You should have a decent camera and audio gear, as well as good ideas for the video. Also, a basic video editing program can help. You do not need the capabilities to shoot the next Oscar-winning film, but you do not want to have a video that looks like it was thrown together at the last minute with a cheap flip-phone camera.

Videos are a great idea because they tend to be more engaging than other types of content. People will stick around on a site that has video, so they can watch it longer than they will a site that only contains text.

Perhaps you do not have the time to make videos each week. That’s fine, but make sure you are putting photos into your posts to provide the viewer with some type of visual stimulus. It might seem silly, but it really can help.

Consider Infographics

In addition to videos, there are some other popular options when it comes to content marketing. You might want to consider creating infographics that are based around your business. The infographics could be serious and very fact-based, or they could be fun and whimsical. It will depend on the type of business you have. Infographics are popular because they are easy to read and easy to share. Check out several infographics before you try to create your own, just so you can get a better sense of how everything goes together.

Could an E-Book Help Your Business?

Depending on your business, an e-book, which you could sell or give away, might be a good addition to your website, as well. This is a popular type of content marketing, and they are easier to put together than you might think. If you are going to be giving away the e-book, you could just create a PDF of what you write. Formatting them and putting them up on Amazon and other sites takes a bit more work, but it is still relatively simple. Just make sure you are writing on a subject that interests your customers, and that you know your products or services could help them with. This way, you can help the customers, but you are still marketing to them.

Traditional Content Marketing on the Site

Of course, you also need to think about all the regular content marketing that you can do through your regular blog posts and social media posts. Good content, especially content that contains a strong call to action, can get people out of their homes and down to your store.

There are plenty of other interesting options when it comes to content marketing that might appeal to you and work well for your business, as well. Perhaps you feel that podcasting might work for you, for example. Whenever you are trying to determine whether an idea might work for you or not, think about your core audience and ideal customer to see if you feel they would be open to that type of marketing or not.

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