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Let Twitter Help with Your Local Marketing Needs

It's important to be aware of your social media presence on various sites and proceed to use the sites in a way that helps your brand. Twitter is a massive social site with lots of positives that can be used to grow your business. However, you want to be sure that you do everything just right to get those positives coming your way. We give you some ideas below.

Fill Out Your Bio

This is important for any social media site, directory, or website. You need to have a profile that helps search engines determine ranking for your business. When it comes to Twitter, there are a number of ways to ensure that Google and Bing pick up the information that will help you climb the page. Having a bio that is complete and optimized helps more than you might imagine.

Make sure that your business name, address, and phone number are listed and are formatted the same way as on your company website. You should also use your company logo and provide a link for users to get to your site. For the description, use optimized keywords to make a positive impact!

Utilize Twitter Lists

Using Twitter lists allows you to organize your Twitter feed so you can better interact with select people. You can use private lists that only you can see as a way to see what competitors or important clients are doing without actually following them. Public lists, on the other hand, can be seen by anyone and those added to the list are notified. One thing to remember is to add your own Twitter to the list for exposure purposes. Here are some good uses of private list ideas:

·      Clients

·      Competitors

·      Employees

·      Target Clients

·      Suppliers

And these are good uses of a public list:

·      Events

·      Networking

·      Influencers

·      News in the industry

·      Motivational Tweeters

Don’t Forget Hashtags

Hashtags are important. No, really, they are. Hashtags allow people to see your tweets who may not be following you or know anything about you. When you hashtag posts, you can also gain exposure. Sometimes a hashtag can even take off, and you’ll find something you use come into everyday use.

So, for instance, use a tag like #macandcheesemonday to describe something you offer. Put it on the bottom of your tweet. Anyone who looks up the hashtag or parts of it is going to see your post. So, people will see the posts and could decide to learn more about your company, following you or adding to your retweets.

Retweets Matter

Interacting and gaining a following is crucial for Twitter business accounts. Tweeting on a regular basis is a good idea, but retweeting can have significant effects, as well. This allows you to build relationships with other people and companies. It also helps with search engine ranking. But don’t retweet just anything; make sure to retweet things that your followers appreciate. However, when others retweet your tweets, search engines notice. The more you get retweeted, the better. So, offer the best content you can and work toward retweets with this platform.

Interact with Nearby Users

By using the Geolocation feature on Twitter, you can increase brand awareness and improve local marketing efforts. You can find out who is in the neighborhood that tweets, along with what businesses utilize Twitter. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of geolocation on Twitter, so we’ll go over that first.

1.    Go to MyGeoPosition.com or a similar site.

2.    Type in your business address in the search box.

3.    Click on ‘Calculate Geodata.'

4.    Copy the coordinates that result from this search.

5.    Log into your Twitter account

6.    Hit up the search box and put in ‘geocode:.'

7.    After that, paste in the latitude from before

8.    Add a comma and then enter a value in miles.

9.    Click on search.

After the search is complete, you just select the Accounts tab to see all the accounts nearby your business location. From there, all you need to do is look through the various accounts and connect with any that seem relevant to your business.

Connect with Influencers

Using influencers is an excellent way to get the word out about your brand or company. Many people on Twitter are well-known and managing to get them retweeting or responding to you can go a long way. By being known by an influencer, other followers will follow you and allow you to increase how far your messages go.

Perhaps there’s a company that would be a great option for you to have a relationship with. Use the geolocation method explained above to find the address of that company or location. From there you can find people who tweet from that location. You can then tweet toward these people in order to bring attention to your brand. Try to be unique and exciting for the best chance of being answered or followed back.

Use Filters to Refine Results

When using geolocation and other tactics, you usually have an end goal. This might be growing your network by location, or it might be topic targeting or something else. Whatever the goal is, make sure it’s actually fleshed out so you can focus on the most important things. By being specific, you have a better chance of engaging the right people.

In this case, you add a topic or industry filter to the geolocation query. Use the same format we used before, but add a # and then a phrase that relates to your goals. This will give you information on the account in the location you choose that is relevant to your phrase. This is very helpful for filtering out people and finding exactly who you want.


Some of these methods are more likely than others to work for certain sectors, so it’s always a good idea to consider that first. Decide which of these tricks to use to bring more followers and attention to your brand. Then try one or two of them and see how it affects your marketing strategy in the future.

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