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Why You Should Use Local Citations to Gain More Traffic

Local Listings/ Citations / SERP

Local Listings Help Gain More Traffic to your Website

You’ve taken the time and energy to create an attractive and functional website for your company. You’ve studied SEO tricks and tips, and you know to use keywords naturally and never to sacrifice quality content for keyword stuffing.

You should also know that local citations are incredibly important to your search engine optimization, too, and that your SEO job isn’t done when you finish creating your website.

Local citations on data aggregator sites and business listings can help push you up in the ranks of SERPs (search engine results pages) for both Google and Bing. With the right citations, you can get a real jump on your competition, and here’s why…

How Local Citations Work

Google and Bing both use a number of algorithms to determine the ranking on their search results. While location-based searches have long been a big factor in SERP rankings, mobile technology is making location even more important.


Because the developers at Google and Bing understand that people who are searching for businesses on their smartphones and tablets often do so while they’re on the go. They’re searching for the services and products they need in a very specific area because they’re already headed out the door or are in the car looking for the closest place where they can finish running their errands.

As a result, when someone in your area performs a search for a keyword associated with your business, the search engine is going to find your website.

How high your site appears on the SERPs, though, depends on how many local citations the search engine hit on when it found your site.

So, if you appear in numerous business listings in the area, you’re going to show up a good deal higher in the ranks than you would if you weren’t listed. 

Get More Customers Walking Through Your Door

When you list your business name, URL, physical address, and phone number with large business listings online, you’re going to see more traffic on your site.

When you look at your analytics tools, you’ll probably notice that a lot of that traffic is coming from mobile devices.

If you have a mobile-friendly site that shows people why they should visit your business and why they should choose your products or services, you’re very likely going to notice an increase in sales and physical traffic to your location. That’s because people searching for the products and services you offer while they’re in your area are going to find you before they find other businesses.

Of course, to get the benefits of local citations, you’re going to need to ensure that all of your data is accurate and that it’s pushed to the biggest listings possible. That’s where you can benefit from a service that does it all for you.

Umbrella Consultants has developed a service that completely automates your local citations and listings.

You just need to supply Umbrella Local partnered with Outer Banks Concierge with your business info, and they’ll push it to all of the most important listings to get you better search results rankings. Then, if you need to make changes, update the info in your account and your listings will be updated for you. It’s simple, easy, and great for driving more business your way.

Try it today and see how much more traffic you can get.