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Content Marketing and How Data Analysis Helps

Content Marketing and Your Data Insights

Last Monday we discussed 3 Tips to Share Your Cornerstone Content to the World.

This week we are sharing...  "Content Marketing and Your Data Insights" ---

This is Post #5 of 5 in our 5 Steps to becoming Great at Online Marketing...  Enjoy!!


Good content attracts visitors, but great content keeps readers engaged.  

A good content marketing strategy must deliver the right content to the right person.  Ensuring that your content marketing efforts are effective, you need to understand the data that relates directly to your content.   

Understanding Your Content Promotion…

Sharing your content is imperative to the success of your content marketing strategy but just as important is being able to understand the data.  Your business should be utilizing analytic tools that enable you to glean valuable insights into how you should focus these efforts and where your content is gaining traction. 

Knowing where the majority of your traffic is coming from be it social, search engines or other types of websites can help you identify the channels that are best utilized to engage prospective customers.  

Does Your Content Increase Engagement…

Creating high-quality content goes a long way towards increasing the engagement and distribution of your content but your content should also be optimized for lead generation.

Understanding who your readers are allows you to tailor your content to solving your readers specific problem which results in higher engagement—and, better yet, higher conversion rates.

Also, when you continue to analyze your content’s performance over time, you can constantly improve — drawing in more traffic, more engagements, and more conversions and customers.

Content Marketing… Can it lead to business growth?

Most businesses create content as a way to generate awareness and position themselves as thought leaders in their niche.  However, you must remember that the ultimate goal of your content marketing strategy should be to drive business growth.

Gaining insight into the metrics that are indicative of your contents' performance while being able to answer with compelling data, like number of leads generated is a strong KPI that can help guide your creation and distribution strategy.  

Having your data at your fingertips in a visual format will help you get to the bottom of issues that need resolving, as well as identify big opportunities you may be missing out on.

For example, you may conclude that you should:

  • Post more content on Monday and Friday because community engagement has typically been higher on those days
  • Get “so & so” to write more content, or use their writing style to guide the efforts of your other content creators due to the engagement her content continuously receives
  • Increase your creation of certain niche-related content posts.
  • Reduce text based status updates in favor of more photo posts on your Facebook stream
  • Consider creating more content on one subject, as that subject seems to be a topic that brings in higher than average interactions, with less competition. 

Even though these are fairly simplified examples, but even from insights such as these you can start to draw out some insights that may make all of the difference in generating engagement from your content.

Key Data Takeaway…

By constantly scrutinizing the wealth of data you now have at your disposal, your business can create a robust plan that can refine key components of your content marketing strategy --- while making it stronger and one that everyone can believe in.


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